Gery Roif's WWE Style Wrestling School and IPWA Promotion

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Gery Roif  - from a wrestling dream to a wrestling reality

About IPWA and Gery Roif's Wrestling School

In 2001 Gery Roif founded the pro wrestling scene in Israel. Before so, Gery worked hard to bring back WWE programming to the holy land. Journalist Aaron Morag called him "Mr. Israeli Pro Wrestling" for his efforts and dedication. Once Gery succeeded, he started working as a translator for the WWE shows and a wrestling columnist for the sports channel website.

Gery dreamt his entire life to become a pro wrestler and once he realized that there were no wrestling platforms in the country, he decided to create a platform by himself featuring WWE style pro wrestling - IPWA, Israeli Pro Wrestling Association.

After receiving the proper certifications, Gery opened a Wrestling School for children and adults and has since developed over 50 professional wrestlers in the country. The school is currently operating out of Jerusalem and Netanya. If you're visiting Israel, you're always welcome to come train at Gery's Wrestling School. We welcome everyone from all countries. Makkat Medina, satiric wrestling series

In 2005, Gery created the first Israeli Wrestling series - "Makkat Medina" (Country Strike / Land Under Attack or the literal translation "Epidemic") which pitted various sectors of the Israeli society against one another in a wrestling ring.

Many wrestlers visited our school, including: WWE Legend Tatanka, World Class Legend Kevin Von Erich, WWE Legend Bret "Hitman" Hart, as well as independent wrestlers Drew Gulak, Tomer Shalom, Saar Bockstein and Aviv Maayan.

In addition to opening a Wrestling School, Gery also produces IPWA shows every couple months, with the biggest of them being IPWA SuperShow in the summer of 2012 where in addition to other 7 matches, WWE legend Tatanka faced Rabbi Swissa and won the IPWA Heavyweight title.

IPWA is available for shows through out the country and also for Bar Mitzvas. So if you want us to train your boy for a wrestling Bar Mitzvah, just let us know and we'll make his wrestling dream come true.

WWE Legend Tatanka arrived to Israel IPWA's ring is available for rent. It is the only wrestling ring in Israel and is available for boxing and pro-wrestling purposes. Some of the biggest Production companies in Israel have rented our ring for some of the most prestigious TV movies and series.

Our wrestlers are also available as stuntmen, bits and extras for movies, commercials and TV series. Many of the wrestlers have starred in various TV projects through out the years.

Israeli wrestling fans and trainees had the honor and pleasure of having James Maritato (Guido/Nunzio) come coach us for a tremendous training camp on April 19th. This great veteran showed us all in Israel what a pro wrestler should be all about – humble, professional, knowledgeable, respectful and down to earth. He spent the entire day teaching and mentoring the trainees and wrestlers of IPWA (Israeli Pro Wrestling Association) School. Then he sat with us for a few more hours, telling stories, taking pictures and answering every question with great patience and respect. We took James to see the Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, including the Garden’s Tomb of Jesus and Via Delarosa where Jesus walked. Afterwards, in the evening Guido participated at our traditional “Passover Bash” event in Jerusalem facing and defeating Rabbi Swissa for the delight of the crowd. We in Israel would like to thank our friend, mentor and teacher, James Maritato and hope that WWE offices will see that it’s safe to come to Israel for shows as well.

Against all odds, Gery created the Pro Wrestling scene in Israel and not only fulfilled his dream, but the dreams of many children and adults in Israel.

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WWE/ECW Superstar Little Guido / Nunzio training camp

WWE Legend Tatanka vs. Rabi Swissa. 2012

IPWA in the News. 2011

IPWA on the Ch. 2 Evening News. 2007

Makkat Medina TV series. 2005