חוג ובית ספר להיאבקות בסגנון WWE בהדרכת גרי רויף

ראיון עם המתאבק האגדי קווין ואן אריק

Interview with the legendary Kevin Von Erich - Questions, translation By Gery Roif, Article by Ron Feldheim

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One day all the animals decided to clean up the woods and agreed to do so on saturdays. The week ended and everybody prepared for work. The lion noticed that only the rabbit is missing and went to his house to see if he`s got an acceptable excuse. The lion knocked on the door and the rabbit answered from with-in: "Who is it?", "me", answered the lion and continued, "We agreed to clean the woods and only you are missing".  "Sorry, I`m having sex", the rabbit replied. The lion gave up and returned to the woods. The following week once again everybody gather and only the rabbit is missing. This time the tiger got upset and joined the lion to see what`s going on. "Sorry, I`m having sex", the two heard and returned to the woods to help their friends. When the rabbit failed to appear in time for the 3rd week, the bear, cheetah, elephant and gorilla decided to join the lion and the tiger. "I`m having sex" repeated the rabbit, but the bear kicked he door down, everybody entered and were surprised to find out that the rabbit is just watching TV. "This is sex?", screamed the elephant. "Yes", the rabbit answered angrily: "When Von Erichs are on Middle East TV, you, the lion and all the rest can go..." (In hebrew this saying refers to the one saying it).

(A very common joke in the spirit of the 80s)

25th of february 2005. For many Americans, Denton  is just a spot on the map close to Dallas. For Kevin Von Erich, a man in his late 40s, it`s a place filled with memories. He browses through the family album and the photos remind him of those marvelous years where the brand Von Erich was much more than a name with a dutch ring in it. Thousands of kilometers away from Denton, he knows that the name Von Erich used to be the Michael Jordan of a little country in the Middle East.

20 years earlier everything seemed different. Those were the years when the "Tribe Torch" (best translation for a news show) was the "Daily News", or "Moked" (Focus). The entire nation dedicated thursday nights to watching flagship (cruiser) of the General Staff of Israeli sport with commanders like Shimin Mizrahi, Ralf Klain and Shmulik Mahrovski and troops Micky Berkovich, Motty Aroasti and Olsy Perry, and once a year (if not on memorial day) the entire nation would gather around TV sets and watched Ofra Haza or Izar Cohen try to beat the gentiles in the Eurovision songs contest. Who ever thought of "Rising Star" (American Idol type), the "Embassador" (Apprentice type) or "Wonderful Land" (SNL type)?

There weren`t many alternatives. You could read flashy headlines in the "News", songs and goals (soccer show) every saturday, "Benson" and "Dallas" and other cultural heroes we could`ve seen unless the board of TV directors decided to terminate the programming and leave us infront of a black TV screen for days and two channels that their receiving was up to the good lord.

Not to mention the channels. English Jordan and Middle East Television were all we had in our "receiver". English TV series, hebrew news which included interviews with I.D.F POWs in Lebanon and religious programs were all we had back then. From there of all places evolved a huge gathering (tribe flame in hebrew) of tens of thousands of Israelis, mostly men, every saturday night around TV sets and tuned into the Middle East TV, which back then was called "Hadad" in slang, in honor of the legendary Major Saad Hadad of South Lebanon Army.

It was the most pure reality we could get. Not fakers (in song and acting) who make fools out of themselves infront Tzvika Hadar and Ricky Gal (The Simon and Paula of Israel) or megalomaniacs that are sure that they can become the consuls of Israel in Tiz(in behind/backside of who knows where) in the name of the stupid ratings culture. These were the ultimate men, warriors we talked about in school, the wrestlers that tore each other on our little TV screen that provided us with all the joy in the world. The good guys vs. the bad guys. Plain and simple. Then (up until now) this world was divided to 2, the life was black and white and it was clear to us who was the friend and who was the enemy.

We called it wrestling in hebrew. The slang was "catch". One ring, ropes, huge bullies that fought until the longed for knock-out. Entire country devoutly followed, and like anything else strange in our lifes here, those were American wrestling matches transferred through an arabic TV station of a country we were at war with. Just as strange was our attitude towards those cultural heroes: we were intrigued, fell inlove, were mad, lived every second through those matches. But always, through out the entire way, we wondered about one question: were those fights real, or was it all an act? How come the good guys always win? And how come that after so hard fought matches the wrestlers get up as if they finished a ride on the roller coaster?

The good guys were worshiped. Real legends. Their posters were hanging in every teenager`s room. The hairstyles in school were accordingly. They were our ultimate culture heroes: The Von Erich Family. David, Kevin, Kerry, Mike, Chris and of course the dad, Fritz who have become the biggest wrestling dynasty in history.

The Von Erichs were the classic good guys: tall, handsone, great physiques and fair haired. Who didn`t want to be like them? During the break in schools the toughest class mates would gather for their own private show. Everybody were Von Erichs. Nobody, even jokingly didn`t want to be considered as one of the bad guys. The Von Erichs matches were clean without any foul tactics. Their opponents used despicable tactics to get the win by any means necessary. Many times tables and chair would fly into the ring and hit the good guys.
Twenty years ago the Von Erichs arrived for their first visit in Israel which gained unprecedented admiration. They performed in Yad Eliyahu and the Kiryat Haim stadium and drew not less than 10,000 fans. Nobody impacted wrestling like they did.
Except through all the crazy success around the world, suddenly everything changed. One after the other the Von Erichs died under tragic circumstances, and today Kevin Von Erich iremains the only remnant of the family.
The first of the brothers who died, was Jackie who was 7 when he got electrocuted. Next was David at 24 during a show in Japan following infection. Three years later Mike committed suicide, at only 23. Chris, the youngest brother, committed suicide at 21 after failing to live up the expectations, especially of his own, 4 years after Mike. Then came the big blow, Kerry Von Erich, the teen girls idol who was nicknamed "Hercules" due his physique, shot himself in the heart after being caught with cocaine and feared to be sent to jail. The tough dad, Fritz, patriarch of the Texas wrestling family and Texas wrestling as a whole was stricken with cancer and eventually passed away in 1997 and left Kevin alone.

These days, nn the house near Dallas, where the Von Erichs enjoyed most of their fame, trieds Kevin to live his life quietly with his wife Pam and 4 kids, Christen(23), Jill (20), Ross (16) and Marshell (11) by his side. Even if you scan Kevin from head to toes, you won`t detect that he has been through such a horrible tragedy that accompanies him through the years. "Many people think I`m very strong and it isn`t true", said Kevin in an exclusive interview to "Communication Time" and added: "The truth is that I`m just anyone else. A loss hurts me very much. We were a very close family and I had all the reasons to fall down and disappear into the ground. But I had other choices. I`ve got a great wife, wonderful kids who need me to take care of and I just can`t die. The loss never leaves you. The sorrow and pain always stay, but you learn to live with it".

That`s what you tell to people in a similar situation to yours?

"That`s the sad truth. When they knocked down the Twin Towers a radio station called me and asked me, as somebody who lost five brothers, what I had to say to the bereaved families and I wish I could`ve given them some good and encouraging news about it, but I said that it only gets worse."

Despite all that, how do you get over it?
"I tell friends of the grieving families to visit them only after 2 weeks, because at first it`s still surreal to those families, but after a month when the friends stop visiting it becomes real and difficult. Then the visits are really needed."

Did you tell yourself at some point that you`re next?
"Well, I know I`m next now, because nobody`s left alive, but I`m not scared of it. I believe in god and know sometime it`ll end, but until then I plan to enjoy life. I was stabbed a few times, was shot once and was in planty situations where I could`ve died, but it didn`t happen. God makes all the right plans and when that moment comes, I will go to heaven. I know that it exists."

Kevin Von Erich was the first Adkisson to turn pro. High-flying, athletic, tall and very talented. In 1996 he entered the wrestling business and the way to fame was short from there. His knowledge he received from his father, who was one of the greatest wrestlers in this sport and maybe one of the most violent, he tested the rest of the wrestlers and realized they weren`t what he was looking for: "At first I looked almost at everyone", Kevin remembered as he`s sitting in his favorite couch in the living room. "I was only a kid and they all were professional wrestlers. But honestly, it was a waste of time for me to look at them, because I never wanted to be a pro-wrestler. I wanted to play pro-football. I looked at wrestling as something I didn`t wanted to do. I saw 40 and 50 years old who do this and at one point thought this wasn`t for me. I was a football player in college and my brothers were athletic. Kerry held the world record for discus throwing at his age and David was a splendid basketball player who could`ve turned pro if wanted. Mike was also a tremendous athlete and wrestling really wasn`t something we wanted to do, which is why it`s hard for me to say today that I admired other wrestlers, they were more my dad`s business partners."

Then we can say you were drawn into it by your father?
"No. When I started working, the first job I had was cleaning fish in a restaurant so my dad offered me to try wrestling for a sum that was much bigger than the one I was earning in the restaurant. I said I`ll try, but never thought I`ll keep at it for 20 years. I thought wrestling would be a nice job during summer before the beginning of the bootball season. "

What wrestlers did you enjoy most working with?
"I loved wrestling against Ric Flair, Gino Hernandez, Chris Adams, Jimmy Garvin and "Freebirds" - Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts. Iceman King Parsons was one of my closest friends in the business. He always kept his word. He was a honorable man. Eventually he wanted to jump to another promotion where he was offered to be a bad guy, and I told him to stay because people loved him. It didn`t help. He jumped and people didn`t come because they simply didn`t want to hate him."

You must have some amuzing stories about those guys.
"Sure. I`ve got a nice story about Iceman. In Beirut, along the fans, we met the Lebanese and Syrian soldiers and you could immediatly tell they control everything. Many of them were officers with medals and decorations. They ran towards us without their shirts and one of them tried to lift Iceman`s shirt to see his muscles. All of a sudden he got scared and backed down when he saw a Star of David tatoo on Iceman`s chest, which he did in school, probably not understanding the meaning of it. The officer thought Iceman was jewish and started screaming and getting angry. We had to explain that it had nothing to do with judaism, but  the soldiers were very nice to us"

Are you still interested in wrestling today?
"Not really. I loved the feeling of getting up in the morning and aching like after a good football game. That`s what I loved about wrestling: That I have it a 100% of what I had. Today it`s not the same. I`m not happy with what`s going on in this business today, and I don`t allow my kids to watch it either. Especially due the bad language the wrestlers use."

They disgrace the sport?
"Yes. That`s how I feel, but I don`t hate the wrestlers. I understand everything changes with time. Everything`s different from what is used to be."

I understand that you miss the old days.
"It`s true. I love more the way it was. I don`t understand what viewers of today want to see. Back then I felt close to the fans because they wanted the good guys to win, which indicated they were good on the inside, today the bad guys face other bad guys and bad guys win. I don`t understand this type of thought and those who like it".

Share us with your connections to Israeli fans from your 85 tour.
"It`s something I`ll never forget. It was my peak and I mean it. The adoration around us was crazy. People of all ages tried to touch and kiss us. Even men, which is something I`m not used to, but I told myself if they love me that much to want to kiss me, then I love them too. I remember them storming me and holding my hands down while I tried to raise them to cover my mouth to aboid being kissed."

Did you expect such a big crowd?
It was unbelievable. I couldn`t believe there were so many. It made me love everybody. The look on people`s faces was so good, I felt like in a place I`ve never been to, and believe me, I`ve been to enough places on earth, yet such admiration I haven`t seen yet. Those people reminded me Texans, loving, warm, great hospitality, polite and considering. Something I`ll never forget.

Did you expect to see camels and dessert?
"Actually, that`s what I thought. I was convinced Israel was one big dessert, but of course before coming here I knew a lot about Israel and the wars it went through"

Lets test your memory. What do you know about Israel`s wars?
"Well, I remember that following the independence war you became a country and then came the Yom Kippur war in 67".

Wrong, the Yom Kippur war was in 73.
"Ahh, right. Wait then, if so in 67 was the 6 day way, no?


Amaxing how in 6 days your army beat Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Incredible.

What else do you remember from Israel?
I remember Golda Meir, the first woman prime minister. I remember Begin, Peres, Rabin, Netaniyahu, Barak and Sharon. But above all I remember the president back when I visited, Haim Herzog. He was an outstanding man. I was in the Caesaria hotel and one of my people spoke on the phone loudly. I asked with you, he said with the president. He told him if he doesn`t come in the next minutes, we leave the hotel. I was very upset. When Herzog came in, I immediatly apologized. Who was I opposed to the president? I should`ve waited 2 hours. I told Herzog I was willing to clean his house so he`ll firgive my friend. Herzog laughed and said he was a boxer when was young. This was one of my most meaningful moments in Israel.

Whose idea was it to come here?
My dad`s. His friend, Dallas coach Tom lendry was in Israel and said people talked only about us and not about his team, so our dad sent us.

Your dad played a nazi wrestler, yet you made it. How you explain it?
He was violent, but on the other hand honest and kept his word. Israelis knew he was just playing a character.

Who you didn`t wrestle and would`ve wanted to?
With Lance.

But he`s your cousin.
No, he isn`t. Not even relative. After Dave died during a show in Japan, we had commitments for shows we sold out ahead. I performed in one town, Kerry in another and Dave in third. When Dave died, my dad wanted to keep us performing in 3 locations so suggested to build Lance up as one of the Von Erichs. We were against the idea fearing the fans will think we`re liers, but dad insisted.

He enjoyed the same success as you?

He enjoyed the same success as you?
No. He didn`t manage to draw or sell tickets, then went to Israel and got involved with girls, drugs and lies. He disgraced my entire family. He knew how much Israel`s opinion of us meant, especially to me.

Still angry at him?
I used to. Thought about knocking the hell out of him, but now probably would`ve restrained myself. I was sorry to hear he used to charge money for taking photos with fans. It`s a disgrace. It made my entire family look bad in Israel.

How did your father come up with the Iron Claw?
He had incredible hands. He used to open corks with his thumb and break things with his fingers. Maybe because he threw discus at young age, it made his hands stronger. I never met anyone with such strong hands as his, not even my brothers.

Not even Kerry?
More than my dad? No. Kerry`s hands were stronger than mine, but David`s were strongest. He was tall with long fingers which reached the temples.

How do you practice with this hold?
We squeezed the wall in our house. It helped.

Is it true Kerry was supposed to represent US in the 80 Olympics and Carter`s boycott prevented it?
"Exactly. Instead of going to North Texas  College, Kerry preferred Houston University because the Olympic coach was there. There were big expectations. He held the record for discus throwing for his age(18) and was ready, but Carter used his position and boycotted the games.

I imagine it was a great disappointment.
Not just Kerry, but the entire family who were upset. Because athlets don`t care about politics, they practice from morning to night for this moment of Olympic games. The president used his position to make a point without considering all those sacrifices of the athletes. We were all very disappointed and upset.

You think Kerry could`ve won in Moscow?
I`m sure if he was in the Olympic games, he`d`ve won. He could always throw longer than his opponent - amazing.

But if he`d`ve won the medal, it could`ve prevented him to become a wrestler.
True, but nobody really wanted to be a wrestler. I wanted to play football, David basketball and Kerry wanted to be an athlete. We admired our father when were kids, but knew that we were gifted athletes and we wanted to be like that and not get in the ring with a bunch of old fat people.

You didn`t want to wrestle, but the one who wanted, Chris - couldn`t due his size.
Chris wanted to be a wrestler, but his astma medications weakened his bones. I was with him in the ring when he broke both his arms during a match. I screamed for him to tag out, but he couldn`t. He didn`t want to tag me our and wanted to do a drop kick. I told him to be careful. I gave him the OK. When he fell doing the Dropkick he broke one hand. I told him to tag me out, but he didn`t agree. He went for another one without listening to me and hurt himself even worse. Doctors had to insert pins in his arm and told him he couldn`t wrestle.

He shot himself in the head with a 9mm, What a foolish thing to do. I hope people reading this article will understand that suicide is never an option for solving problems. The pain of the people around you will stay forever and it gets worse with time.

Time doesn`t heal?
I don`t think you can get over it. With time you just learn how to live with it.

As a religious person, you must`ve asked god "why my family"?
I`m sure there`re people who went through worse things. Look at people in your country. Good people come back from work to find out that their families have been killed in a suicide bombing. I don`t want people to feel sorry for me because what happened to my family. Everybody dies eventually. I know that my brothers` death could`ve been avoided, but they enjoyed every moment in the short lives. They travelled, saw and done many things.

You don`t make it sound tragic.
It`s very tragic. I know I can`t win the title of the luckiest man in town, but god is the one who directs traffic and gave me the good life, my kids, brother, even if it was for 25 years, they were wonderful.

How do you explain that god left you of all others alive?
I`ll phraise the lord anyways. When Mike was dying, I told god if he`ll save him, I`ll tell everybody that god saved Mike and that`s exactly what happened. Mike survived. Doctors told me he`ll die with-in 15 minutes, but he didn`t.

You always believed in god?
I was the only one who did in our home. I became christian at 12. My parents weren`t interested in it, and only later my mom got interested and understood it all, even more than me. My brother also went the same path. Especially Kerry and Mike.

Share the moment you found about David`s death.
To share that feeling, I`ll have to kick you in the nuts every day for couple of years. Before David went to Japan he suffered from diarrhea and was very ill. When we wrestled in North Carolina, I told him to remain in the corner while I wrestle Flair. He stood in the corner and didn`t move for an entire match. I knew something was wrong. After we came back home, I told him: "Don`t go dying on me in Japan. Promise you`ll come back". He swore. All of a sudden, I kissed him, something I never do, or done before. It was the last time I saw him.

After David`s death came Mike`s.
It was horrible. I drove my car and all of a sudden on the radio said Mike was missing. The police caught him earlier with a small piece of marijuana. He was so ashamed, that after bailing he ran away and decided to kill himself.

You heard that on the radio?
Yes. I almost crashed my car. I had to stop to cool down. I told to myself: "Again? Please not again!", I don`t remembring asking god "why". I can only think as a human being and not god. I knew that after he survived once he won`t be the same athlete he used to be. Kerry and I trained Mike for his return, but then appeared many marks on his body and it took time for them to go away. If a blue mark disappears after 3 days, on his body it disappeared only after 10 days.

Kerry was involved in a car accident, due which his foot had to be amputated. How did that happen?
Kerry and a friend who was a cop, raced, Kerry on his motorbike and cop on his car. Both turned in the same direction, Kerry hit his car and unforaunetely his foot was hooked on the roof of the car and got torn off. In the hospital they tried stitch it up, but it didn`t work.

Even after that Kerry managed to keep this a secret and keep wrestling.
"Kerry wanted to keep this a secret. He didn`t want other to know what happebed to him. I was very proud of him that he continued wrestling with a prothesis. In Japan we used to get into a sauna, but Kerry waited until everyone leave, or get in with his shoes.

Nobody felt any difference?
I think they knew, but preferred not to let him know they knew. He was very embarrassed by it and didn`t want anyone to know. We loved to dive, so when we were in the Caribbean Islands, he would wait until the little hours of the night to get inside the water and leave the foot on the beach. Once we couldn`t find the foot. We looked for it for hours and then found it floating in the water. Hotel security stormed down seeing two images in the water. Kerry panicked and put his foot backwards with the fingers sticking out backwards. I won`t forget the faces of the security guards. It was one of our funniest moments together.

How did he kill himself?
Kerry knew how to hunt animals and kill them without making them suffer, which was what he did to himself. One shot to the heart and that`s it.

Some say he got hooked on cocaine.
He never admitted using it, although my dad and his wife noticed him using. I don`t think he was addicted, but rather used it once in a while because cocaine users loose their body weight, become weak and die. He used cocaine, but was addicted to pain killers.

Who found him?
My dad found him in the back yard and I remember him saying that Kerry looked as if he just fell asleep with a good dream. So calm. It didn`t prevent breaking my dad`s heart. Kerry was my dad`s favorite son, because he was born couple months after our oldest brother, Jackie died of electrocution. Kerry was a sort of gift to my dad. As if he got Jackie back.

How did Jackie`s death affect the family?
Didn`t affect me really, since I was 2 years old. My memory of him isn`t very clear. I remember collecting Cola bottles together and getting money or gum in return at the store. But it affected my dad big time. It made him want to kill anyone in his way. His opponents were scared of him inside the ring as he was very violent. Even the fans were scared of him and didn`t boo him as he entered the ring.

What about your brothers do you miss the most?
I miss their sense of humor and the days we used to hunt together. Mostly I miss the thanksgiving and christnas dinners. That`s very painful. We`ve got a big table and during holidays I close my eyes and see us all together, then open them and see my family.

Many wrestlers use painkiller, including your brothers. Maybe the policies should change regarding them?
It`s good to take them and then work hard, because without them you won`t be able to do the same things, so there`s some justification. But on the other hand, when you take one pill at the practice, you`ll want to take twice and trice more and before you know it, you`re addicted to pain killers. It would`ve better to put ice where it hurts instead pain killers.

Your brother became addicted to them.
They crossed the line and made wrong decisions because those drugs were in their brain. I told them not to do it, but they complained I was ruining their fun. They didn`t listen. I wish I could`ve been a better brother, maybe could`ve convinced them not to do it, but I think I did what I could. Me and Kerry had a high discipline, but Kerry wasn`t able to think straight when he became addicted.

How did the kids in school react to your dad`s gimmick? Did you consider telling them it was an act?
No way! I didn`t like the kids in school. The kids there were big, I was smaller and then used to beat me for being a Von Erich. I had lots of fights after school. At first only me, then I had to come help Kerry, David and Mike. It made me hate those kids who beat kids who didn`t hit back. Those kids were the biggest cowards because they never picked on somebody who fought back.  Nobody liked my dad because he played a nazi, and all the time the kids picked on me and said they`ll show me I`m not as tough as my dad, who wasn`t popular in my school.

Are your kids interested in wrestling?
Ross is interested a bit lately, we`ll see what lies ahead in the future. Ross is a great football player. I think he could turn pro and he`s a tremendous athlete as well. He started jumping high, distance, obstacle race, 400 meters and he`s in the best school in America. He`s good in everything, including discus throwing, which is why wrestling appeals to him, but isn`t the target.

You wrestled barefoot, why?
Just because I felt better that way. I felt faster and that I could jump higher than anyone and could do more because I wasn`t wearing shoes. I like being barefoot. It`s a comfortable feeling and even today I walk barefoot or in slippers(don`t know how to translate those the exact term).

You had a scolarship in football, what made you give it up and turn to wrestling?
Knee operations. Very simple. Injured my knee and had to get surgery. I thought I`ll make the festest recovery in history of Texas, and injured my other knee. I tried being a showoff and it cost me a lot. By the time I finished college, 4 knee operations prevented me from being a pro-footballer.

If you go back in time, what would you choose: football or wrestling?
You`ll think I`m crazy, but I`ll choose football. Although all the surgeries, I`d`ve liked to turn pro in football. To run as fast as possible and tackle your opponent and see him fly in the air. That feels good.

The body scissors was your signature move. What`s most important in it?
I always had strong legs, the knee surgeries hurt them. It was like my dad`s hands. I could jump high and do many stuff with my feet. I could wrap my opponent with my legs and as he was gasping for air, I`d hook him tighter and make they feel faint.

You said wrestling was a job for you.
True, I worked to get paid for my family.

How many hours did you spend per day?
Most of our workouts were outside the ring. We were inside only when wrestled, which was almost every day. We worked out at the gym with weights mostly, ran and swem. We dedicated our day to training, eating and performing at the end of the day.

Your dad was difficult with you?
He had to, because if he wasn`t, we would`ve do a sloppy job. He was a great strict trainer. He used to say "I`ll know you wrestle only if I`ll hear you scream from pain".

How much the Von Erichs made off wrestling?
I don`t like talking numbers, but I can say we did close to 5 millions off shows - the entire family. I saved my money because realized wrestling won`t last for a life time. I invested my money in the stock market and today I enjoy the profits.

Who was the best technical wrestler and the best performer amongst you?
Dave  technical and Kerry best performer. Kerry was better than me. I liked to leave the spotlight to Kerry and Dave.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this horrible tragedy?
I ask this question many times. Answer is that we need to learn to enjoy life and collect memories of everything we go through. Do good deads as much as possible and cherish the moment because we all die eventually. Be respectful towards everyone because life is short. You don`t feel it, but it goes by fast. For some of us, life is even shorter.

Von Erichs will forever remain part of Israeli culture, any chance to see you back visiting Israel?
I`ll be back for sure. Israel has been an integral part of my fame moments in life and I had quiet a few. I felt I was part of one big family. I didn`t come to Israel to make money and I was amazed at the love I received jete. I`m glad Israel remembers my family and can`t wait to visit again. We had a great time in Eilat, Haifa and Tel Aviv. I never had a chance to visit Jerusalem and always wanted to see the Western Wall.

Do you feel close to judaism although christian?
Of course. I read Torrah and know it by heart. I even circumcised my two wons with a full and official jewish ceremony. The new bible is about Jesus, but to get there you must read the old bible - Torrah. I respect those people who still maintain the laws of god such as not eat milk and meat together.

You were very popular in Israel and Palestine as one, any thoughts about the situation here?
It`s horrible. I met Palestinians who were very nice and I don`t understand how there`re some that go to sleep knowing they`ll going to kill innocent women and children in a restaurant, mall or bus stop. I can`t understand that. That`s something below human level. I don`t want to offend, but those who kill people for money or pleasure aren`t friends of mine. If I could help the peace between Israel and Palestine, I`d do anything. Abraham was the father of both nations and as a religious person I`m willing do wrestle for both sides to bring them together. I love those who love me and both nations have showed me great love. I beg all of you to believe that peace is possible. I know in Israel a welcome is "Shalom" which is hello and goodbye and also means "peace" and end of war. That`s how Israel talk, but on the other side I hear words such as "revenge", "war", "we`ll show them". This will bring more deaths between the nations and more heart tearing sights of mothers and brothers of victims. I beg you all, please think like adults.

If you`ll come to Israel, will you promote peace?
I wish somebody in Israel or Palestinian`s government will ask me to help, but they didn`t so far. I`d love to do it and if it would happen, I`ll feel as if my life are complete. I`d feel like I`ve done something really big in my life. I`m willing to volunteer for a joint association of Israelis and Palestinian. Remember that the USA made peace with China through a game of table tennis. I wish we could do the same with wrestling.

Your site opens soon, what will it feature?
My biography, and full ones of the rest of my family. Photos from the past and of course we`ll sell original tapes, even with commercials from that era. There`ll be an option to send me e-mail and i`ll reply to everybody personally. To Israeli visitors who`ll leave telephone numbers I`ll call personally. I just love the Israeli fans.

Before we say goodbye and I return to Israel, isn`t it time to tell us the truth about the shows?
OK, I know in Israel there`re smart people, so I`ll make an exception this time. The matches were predetermined, but when we stepped foot in the ring things could change and didn`t always go as planned. Back in the locker room we`d plan the outcomes but during the matches many shots were legit.

[Gery: My apologies for the grammer and typos, as Ron asked me to type this couple hours before his deadline so Kevin will approve]

Caps of Ron on chann 3 telling how he surfed the net and all of a sudden got a call from Kevin, when asked about how he got in touch with Kevin Von Erich.

Thanks to CM, Mitch and Joey who helped me reach Kevin for Ron.

קווין ואן אריק

קווין ואן אריק, אחרון הואן אריקים שנשאר